Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Xanadu Dolls, Pinks, and new skates!

So the other day I contributed to my crazy collection of skates. I was at the good will and found a barely used pair of dominion skates, I plan to put outdoor wheels on them and use them once the weather is nice. I had been raining off and on for the week or two.

Last weekend J took me to LA for my birthday. It was a long ride, but we went to Pink's famous Hotdog stand, I had "Ozzy's Spicy Dog" which I highly recommend. I don't really recommend their chili cheese dog, as it wasn't anything special, but J thought that the Muholland Drive dog was also pretty awesome. We both thought the chili cheese dog just wasn't worth the 1 hour wait...that's right, one hour! I also visited the Valley of the Dolls in person. I was excited to buy some re-ment items as I love little surprises in a box! I got a cute purse and boots as well as a blue jacket, white turtleneck and yellow skirt combo, a panda mom and baby with a teeter totter, and a mickey cookie jar with mickey cookies and pretzels.

I also went to see Xanadu on the 26th with some friends. Since I was sitting on the stage I had a great view! The actors even interacted with the people on the stage, but luckily I did not get harassed by some of the visual jokes :)

I had a blast and the best part was that one of the featured skaters at the end was from Skateworld!

I bet I was the only person checking out everyone's skates during the production...lol


Anonymous said...

Jen..I am glad to hear that you had a good birthday! I love that hot dog place but I don't remember waiting an hour for a hot dog. I am not sure any dog, hot or cold is worth an hour long wait!

RollerScrapper said...

I know what you mean! But we had already driven up there in traffic, so we couldn't just go to some random place :-P