Thursday, February 19, 2009

Computer Doodles

Back in the way before...when I was still in college, I used to love to doodle on the computer all the time. I'm not a doodler, but I do love drawing on the computer...I think I like the impermanence of it...I can just erase something completely and it is as if it never was. I hate doing this on paper because I feel that I can never get it quite right. Anyhow, my "famous" purple cow that I doodled way back then on my mac seems to have dissappeared, but this week due to the fact that my internet was flaky I was forced to do something other than surf and I came up with some new characters...yes they're tooth related because they had to do with a thank you note for my dentist who donated toothbrushes to the Royal Slumber Crop. Here they are in all their amateurish glory, but it felt really good to create something from scratch!
This Royal Tooth was put on a thank you card with a sparkling jewel on her crown.

This little lady is going to get tied on every toothbrush that is given out. I'm pleased with her especially because I thought she was missing something and I realized it was wings so I used the wings from the SBR logo to make her tie in to the give away :)


Anonymous said...

I love computer doodles! However, I am a doodler (sp?)especially when I am on the phone! How are you, I have not talked to you in a few weeks. Hope all is well. Give my love to grom, pepe and jon.

RollerScrapper said...

We're all doing well, and I actually gasp! Scrapbooked a bit this weekend after I finished putting together all of the toothbrushes and their tags.