Thursday, August 26, 2010

A day at the real fair

I am still learning, so these are in reverse chronological order. The Captain always says that the Del Mar fair can't call themselves a real fair, so he took me to a Real Fair...the MN State I get it. Here is a tiny sampling of our day.

Funnel cakes and elephant ears. I had never eaten a funnel cake before, so I got the boston cream. Delicious! Although I did not have an elephant ear, it was not like the flaky cookie, but like what we used to call fried dough back home, It was a deep fried dough.

The beergarita, better than you think it sounds. It was like a blended margarita with carbonation. Perfect for a hot summer day.

Some pig! A 1400 pound boar at the Minnesota State Fair.

Yummy cheese curds

Oh honey!

Feed Corn

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