Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Baby Pineapple

My Baby Pineapple
Long before the captain was *my* captain, I planted a pineapple plant. I just lopped the top off of a pineapple and stuck it in dirt. The captain told me that you cannot plant a pineapple from the top of a pineapple. I was quite insistent that I was right, that it would work, and in fact it had to be possible b/c the top had stayed green for so long...and one day he tried pulling up the green part of the pineapple while visiting, and discovered roots! Ah ha! I was right...and yes, after at least 5 years it started to fruit. This thing has been forming a baby pineapple for the better part of this year! Finally it had become golden yellow and delicious looking. I took this picture last week, but wanted to wait to be able to post how it tasted. It is rather anti was not all juicy and delicious like I wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great...and for being so yellow and ripened right on the plant, it was rather hard and "unripe" in texture. Oh well it was fun growing a pineapple plant! Also we are planning on trying to grow the top from this baby sized pineapple, wouldn't it be cool for my plant to have grandbabies?

For the record, the proper way to grow your very own pineapple is to actually twist off the top...and not leave fruit on like I did...that tends to mold. I also have to note that this pineapple originally came from the 99 cents only store so it is like I got fruit and a plant and now another fruit for only 99 cents! I also have a costco pineapple plant growing, but it doesn't seem as healthy as this one does.

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Alison said...

This is so frickin awesome!!! I love the story that goes with the picture. I was hanging on to every word. You are totally engineering a better pineapple just by planting this one! I have no scientific proof of this but it sounds cool and therefore must be true! =)

RollerScrapper said...

lol, ask me in 5 years and I'll let you know if it was better ;)

AT said...

So cute! I wonder if you picked it too early? I have 4 watermelons in the garden and I have no idea when I should try to eat them. Before it frosts I guess!

RollerScrapper said...

I'm not sure if it was too early because it was completely yellow...usually pineapples are awesome from the store when they're more yellow than green, but maybe b/c it got yellow on the plant it wasn't ready...oh well it was fun trying it and the captain has planted the top to try again!