Wednesday, November 17, 2010

OK so I bought something today

So I didn't post this major life news b/c I didn't have a good photo to go with it...silly me! :) The captain and I are finally, after 3 years of fruitless searching, buying a house! Wahoo! In honor of this, on the day our offer was accepted (two Fridays ago) I declared that we would buy nothing new until we moved. This was partly inspired by Liz at Flourish in Progress, who is not buying anything for an entire year, and partly due to the fact that I did not want to move the contents of my freezer. I decided that we're not even buying food unless it's fresh food, e.g. we can buy Eggs, but no more cake mix (I think I counted 5 in my pantry). It's made for some really creative and interesting meals, we've cooked more in the past two weeks than in the past 2 months...I've made a pizza from scratch, a Pannekoeken and a corned beef, and the captain made bbq pulled pork. I also happily signed up for not buying anything for a week, a challenge at no new is good news. I figured this one week would be easy, since I haven't been buying ANYTHING in fact in packing I realized I have so much stuff, I can probably go quite a long time without buying anything.

However today I failed slightly...well not totally, I didn't technically buy it, my friend bought it and I then wrote her a check...but I had to confess to the 7 readers of my blog that I did buy something today. I do want to emphasize that I think it was a good purchase. I bought Helen Laibach's book A Soul Less Broken. I felt really compelled b/c A) I know Helen, and B) Helen gave a great presentation today where she talked about pursuing your dreams, she also shared how she wrote this novel 10 years ago but didn't have the confidence in herself to get it published. Despite these fears she just self published this novel and I am really looking forward to reading it! Go Helen!


Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

Somebody bust out the champagne!! That is so awesome and I am over the moon for you!

Pictures, lots and lots of pictures of your new home!!

Patience DOES pay off! We have been looking for over two years, and we ain't got nothin yet, but we aren't giving up hope.

thanks so much for linking. but please don't send me a "you're welcome" in the form of some weird cake mix/pantry leftover creation. just sayin....

No New is Good News said...

Hey! I'm convinced :) I have a friend's new CD I haven't bought yet, but since it's sooo close to 2011, I'm just postponing.
thanks for signing up for the no spend week, by the way!

RollerScrapper said...

Oh no Liz, I just put a trader joes jaipur vegetable, bundt cake in the mail to you! Jk!
Tara I'm looking forward to no spend week since I will be accountable I already deleted the black friday ads I've gotten

mo.honey said...

You am inspired by you. I'm going to not buy anything for a month either.. other than work lunches. ;)

mo.honey said...

And, Congratulations to your journey of finding THE perfect HOME for you! I can't wait to visit and stay in your guest room. :D