Sunday, January 30, 2011

Drinks and dance central

So before I headed for the club I hit the bar...ok I made a drink in my kitchen and then played dance central in the basement. I thought I'd share the new drink recipe I tried.


The costco sales guy got to me and I bought some tequila the other day. Here is a recipe he have me which was really good, tasted like sprite with some savory.
Tequila, start with a little and then add, because if you start with too much you can't take it away.
Sprite, I mixed this in a tall glass, and filled it about 3/4 with sprite.
Lime or lemon juice, I used 2.5 small limes, mexican limes, like the kind you get in a corona or a fish taco
Tajin, you can also use salt to ruin the glass, but tajin is better if you can find it, it is a chili, lime, and salt mixture.
Basically mix everything but the tajin in a drinking glass. Rub a lime in the edge of a martini glass and put a little tajin on a plate and rotate the glass on it. Pour in the drink, and enjoy!

I then proceeded to burn about 375 calories, dancing the night away! I also started turning off the flash cards in the game. Once you know the moves, it is actually less of a distraction. I wonder if I burned enough calories to negate that drink!

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Alison said...

Your motivation is very inspiring! Keep up the good work! I love hearing all about your DC adventures... I think you've given me some blogging material. =)

RollerScrapper said...

Cool I can't wait to check it out!