Saturday, July 23, 2011

A visit to comic con

Comic con

Comic con
The captain and our good friend who made her costume. We rode our bikes over to the convention center and saw our friends in costume. I jokingly said that the captain was dressed like lt dangle from reno 911.

Wow comic con

Wow comic con
Here I am with our other friend who made his costume. We were chatting when I said "Look at this cute puppy!", and bent down to port an adorable yorkie. The man walking the dog paused and looked at us. Our friend remarked "I know him, he is someone..." After the man left. Then a person who was working the door came over and said"Was that the Reno 911 guy?" We then realized the guy we had been talking about 15 minutes ago just stopped to let me pet his dog!

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mo.honey said...

Wow, your friends are really good at making great costumes! So many people struggle with finding parking to get to Comic Con and you just biked on in. So very cool! :)

Elizabeth - Flourish in Progress said...

I am very impressed. Your friends are as creative and talented as you are!

Comic Con. Sigh. I've wanted to go for years and years and years.

p.s. will be in SD this weekend but no party. perhaps we could do lunch?

Alison said...

How fun! I see Andy on your hip there. Yay!

RollerScrapper said...

Mo, they are great customers and this is their first try! If only I had an expo to go to at the convention center, I could bike right over!

Liz, can't wait to have lunch at the olive garden with my og...

Alison, nice catch! I wish I had zipped his face closed for the pic!