Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shutterbug onesies

Shutterbug Onesies

Shutterbug Onesies
Because the captain is an avid photographer, I decided to make a onesie that looks like the baby is wearing a camera. Actually I made two since I wanted one as a baby shower gift. I think they came out really well, I used a paper piecing from scrapbooks etc as the base Pattern. The ladies at the shower loved it, they even passed it around the room :)

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Disneypal said...

Those are soooo cute !

Staci said...

Too cute! I love them! Have a great week. :-)

RollerScrapper said...

Thanks for the encouragement, I might make a few more different designs :)

mo.honey said...

OMG; I would totally buy those! Those are gorgeous little onesies!! CUTE OVERLOAD!!!

RollerScrapper said...

Thanks mo.honey, just let me know if you want an embellished onesie :)