Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Staples: That wasn't easy!

So I wasn't going to post this because I figured no one would care, but what is a blog for other than ranting and posting interests?

I got a new to me printer off of craiglist...woot! However, I needed ink. I called my local staples, but they said I had to order online, they didn't carry my black cartridge, which I needed.

So I get online and realize that to get free shipping I have to order over 50 dollars worth of product. I bite the bullet and add black AND color to my order.

I receive my product, which has an about to expire (as in that week) color ink

I call customer service, no problem! We'll send a courier.

The next day the courier comes, but I have a weird feeling, so I ask to inspect the product. It is expired! I refused the shipment, but he takes both cartrdiges...this gives me a bad feeling, because now I have no product in hand. Oh and btw I need to call customer service.

So the day after that cartridge. I call staples at that point b/c I'm upset that I haven't been delivered anything, but they show it is delivered. I'm even more upset so I cancel my order, the lady is very nice and understanding and says she'll have the courier go wherever he went and pick up the cartridge.

The next day a courier shows up to pick up the cartridge which I don't have. He rolls his eyes at me when I tell him it isn't there...did I mention this time I was interrupted from a meeting to go to talk to this guy?

Finally the day after that someone comes to my desk with a cartridge "Is this yours? It was sitting on my officemate's desk" (she was on vacation). Ugh, so I open the packing bag...IT IS EVEN MORE EXPIRED!

At this point, staples had even called me to assure me that there was no expired ink, and they have sent me cartridges that expire in 8/8, 7/8 and 5/8.

So I send for another courier, who picks up the cartrdige and I get my email that I am going to get a refund.

Then I go on vacation...more than 10 business days pass.

Guess what, no refund.

So I call and the customer service isn't open, the nice lady makes a note for them to call me after 9:30AM PST.

I wake up to an email saying that it would have been too early to call but they have researched it and they did an even exchange so I don't get a refund. What?!

So I've emailed them back.

I can't believe this! I have a feeling I will never get my money back. I am wondering if I should even bother to use the 20 dollar coupon that they sent me for my troubles.

I have the feeling the next customer service person is going to get an irate call (I have been very nice thus far).

So it's on my cc statement which is due soon. Can I refuse the charges? Is that my last avenue?


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Anonymous said...

I think you can. Call your cc company and find out what you can do. That sucks!