Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Staples Saga over

Well finally after calling and playing phone tag with staples reps, I got my $ back. I decided to go to Staples the store to see if they had my cartridge, a T016, they have T013, T014, T017, T018...It's like I'm cursed...they skip right over the two cartridges that I need. The sales guy said for some reason the store stopped carrying that specific cartridge so I can order one through him which basically is the same hassle as going online and that's about it, he couldn't order one with out pre-payment. He was very nice though and even brought over his manager who said he'd try to track down the problem.

I was in the store with 20 dollars of their courtesy coupon to burn so I thought I'd get some 13x19 matte paper, no love....all sold out. So I got a bunch of sharpies and the "Equad massager" from homedics. It's cute with four little glowing green feet!

Random I know, but J's coworker has one and he wanted one.

So at least I got something...but nothing that I went looking for!


Anonymous said...

Office Depot..."taking care of business"

RollerScrapper said...

LOL, while we were in the store, my friend started to whisper "I know of a place...where you can go....Office Max"

It was like she was trying to take me to a "safe place".

I'll have to check them out too.