Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Craigslist and Kind people Rock!

So I've been looking for an armoire or hutch, or some sort of cabinet to store all of my junk. And I click on this link randomly at craigslist, about a "DJ Table/Cabinet/Desk" and see this AWESOME thing that would be perfect for scrapbooking at, it had a high cabinet in the middle, low cabinet on the side and a workspace on the other side. I dashed of an email hoping, and YES! it was available! My heart was pounding as I wrote back to the nice person (I'll call them "the Giver") who gave me this setup. I left work a little early and drove downtown, where I met my boyfriend, he and the Giver loaded part of it into his car and I took the large piece and we got home even in time for me to go to class. It's not 100% constructed yet as we took it apart to move it but I can't wait to post a photo when we're done, at least we've decide where to put it :)

I also had to put a shout out to the random people who were walking by who helped us move it out of my car! Totally awesome when strangers help you out.

What an awesome day!!!

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