Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sometimes mistakes lead to disoveries!

So I had this brilliant idea to print a photo on vellum, and of course I used the only sheet that I had in mind for the project, and it blurred...but what I think was cool is that it now looks like a watercolor! J thought that it was ruined and I'd want to re-print, but I think it's so cool I'm going to use it and pretend like I thought of that technique on purpose :-P...J/K, I couldn't keep that a secret! :)

So here's to mistakes that lead to discoveries...I hear that cornflakes were invented from over cooked cornbread and well Penecillin was discovered from a mistake too!

What are some of your mistakes tha thave led to something good?


Anonymous said...

Well,one time I was baking some bread and I was suppossed to put some vanilla in the recipe and I grabbed the wrong bottle and I ended up putting in almond extract. They were pretty good cookies.

RollerScrapper said...

ooh that does sound good and a way better mistake than reaching for the salt instead of the sugar for a pie :)