Saturday, May 29, 2010


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I have to say one of the things I have loved about being married is that I haven't had to cook once...of course I'm kidding...but just a little bit, we've been eating leftovers every day since Monday! :)

I love this photo and think its my favorite...of course us fooling around by a cliff would have to be my favorite, over all of the gorgeous and dramatic shots by the fabulous Sam Warriner of Full Circle Photography...don't worry he took this one too and it was his idea to have J throwing himself off of the cliff :)

We totally lucked out with getting Sam to do our photos, since our original photographer flaked and J met Sam about a month ago. I'm not just saying this, Sam is way better! I guess it was fate.

One of my favorite moments of the Wedding was getting to walk down the aisle, I hadn't seen anyone yet and I looked at everyone and saw so many familiar faces, family, and friends...all surrounding me with love. It was awesome to have everyone there on our special day!

I feel so lucky to have so many loving family and friends and so happy that my family has grown! I'm so glad I got to see most everyone, whether it was the day before at the bbq, or the day after at our Chinese Banquet or briefly during the reception. I feel like I blinked and it was over all too quickly!

So now of course I have the arduous task of eating all of the fabulous cupcakes that our friend made us, or those cookies from a previous post...ah how sweet life is!


Alison said...

You looked so beautiful and happy... those are the best kind of brides. :)

RollerScrapper said...

Thanks! It was such a happy day for us! I'm glad all of my favorite people were there :)