Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hairpin lace and bundt cakes

Hairpin lace
This morning I'm working on a hairpin lace shawl for the captain's grandma, who I'll call grandma captain. Grandma captain used to make the greatest hairpin lace afghans, along with some pretty awesome hooked rugs. A few years back she had promised to make the captain a really big afghan of his favorite color. The captain searched for the perfect yarn, but never found it. Unfortunately grandma captain's health has declined so that she can no longer work on projects like this. I found a Clover brand hair pin lace tool at my favorite yarn and craft store, Jazi Craft, in Oceanside CA. I had put it aside until I had the time to learn. We just visited grandma captain a few weeks ago, and I got inspired to work on this shawl project. So I'm making strips of these ladders to be connected together, while waiting for my peach bundt cake to finish baking. Hopefully it will come out in one piece...last week's was a crumbly mess, so I'm going to let it cool longer before attempting to unmold it.

Some great instructions
The pattern I'm using

a quickr pickr post


Lizz said...

Ooh, this looks so cool! I'm off to google hairpin lace! I wanna see the finished thing!

Wingnut said...

Cannot wait to see this done! I'm so jealous of those who an sew and knit and crochet!

RollerScrapper said...

I have been pretty lazy lately and haven't worked on this, but I swear this is easy, I am using the beginner version of the instructions from clover. Traditional hairpin lace is made on two pins, but I'm using 3, to keep it even, like training wheels.