Monday, September 6, 2010

Scripps Wedding

Scripps wedding
Part two: After the Laotian ceremony, we went to Scripps Oceanography Institute on Saturday for a gorgeous wedding that definitely had the bride's classic touch. Here is a pic of the pier with one of the cocktail tables

I should also note that the day was completely overcast until the bride came down the aisle, hidden by two parasols, they were moved away to reveal her, and the clouds parted from the sun at that exact moment, just to illuminate a beautiful, radiant bride. It was the most poignant, touching, moment of any wedding I have ever attended, as if she could part the clouds with her very presence!

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Alison said...

Beautiful! I could just picture it... you wrote it perfectly and that picture! Look at you Miss Pro! Awesome awesome picture!

RollerScrapper said...

Thank you! This was the only pic that I really tried to compose and it was my favorite. The rest were all blurry, or not centered because I was trying to catch the action, not easy on a phone.