Monday, February 28, 2011

Peanut macarons

Peanut macaron with chocolate ganache

Peanut macaron with chocolate ganache
My first foray into another type of nut flour, trader joes has a peanut flour that is perfect for macaron. This one was supposed to be tiffany blue, but apparently peanut color plus blue food coloring equals green cookies. I took them to work and called them Jade Peanut macaron with chocolate ganache and they were all gone!
Double panning in a conventional oven did nothing, so I will stick with convection.
Peanut macarons take longer to cook due to moisture.

Thai chili lime and peanut macaron

Thai chili lime and peanut macaron
The green color got me thinking of limes, so I used some lime curd that I made from lines from my back yard last week. Since in my mind peanuts and lime go with thai food, I decorated with california chili and it looked pretty and gave it a hint of spice.
The first punch was lime, followed by a subtle peanut with notes of chili.

Just the right consistency

Just the right consistency
I have to admit that I've never tasted a macaron before trying to bake these 4 batches. I think I've gotten it, like biting into an eggshell with a most cakey center that is infused with the flavor of the filling. I went to trader joes to get some more egg whites, I had also meant to get their frozen macarons to give then a try, but today I was pretty confident that I've gotten it, so I skipped them. I did see flax seed meal...I'm curious if I can make some out of that!

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Elizabeth - Flourish in Progress said...

Thai chili lime? GENIUS.

Ok, no pressure, but have you thought about doing a little business with these delicacies?

RollerScrapper said...

Unfortunately you can't sell food made in a home in the state of ca...but I can make them as gifts ;)

Anonymous said...

These look like mini, delicious hamburgers! Yum!