Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A fun Memorial Day weekend!

This weekend I got a lot accomplished!

The Captain's New Aloha Shirt

The Captain's New Aloha Shirt
I've been working on a new aloha shirt for the captain and it is finally done!

Bali pops!

Bali pops!
I'm working on a quilt since I learned some things on friday. I bought this set of bali pops which is a bunch of pre cut strips of batik fabric.

Quilt progress

Quilt progress
Here are all 40 steps sewn together in groups of 5. I used up 100 yards of thread so I went to joann fabrics to get some more since its on sale. I had 3 spools of 100, but went back for 2 more spools of 250.

But there's more! I also made ginger ale that I didn't photograph that was from instructables

And I made cookies, check then out at my new baking blog, I separated the food posts out.. http://my-pink-kitchen.blogspot.com/2011/05/delicious-peanutty-chocolate-chip.html

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mo.honey said...

I feel so lazy when I hear about your weekends -- I flew a friggin plane! LOL I'm excited for your pink kitchen! You amaze me! :)

xoxox, your RollaSista

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

love it!! You are sooooo crafty! I can't take it! so coolie! WE should totally go roller skating by the way!

RollerScrapper said...

M- Thanks, for the well wishes, but flying a plane is pretty huge!

E- Let's go, I will email you both!

mo.honey said...

Flying a plane is _supposed_ to be huge but...lemme put it this way, I was pretty proud of myself until I read your blog. ;)
♥, mo.honey

Anonymous said...

What a creative person you are! I saw the aloha shirt you made and you did a wonderful job. Perfect for visiting my home island of Hawaii.