Thursday, May 26, 2011

Omg look at all this cheese!

You don't have to know much about me to know that I love shopping at Costco! Today I discovered the wonder of the Costco Business Center, or the "CBC" as my friend D refers to it. A few friends and I met D for lunch and he took us on a tour.

Amazing amounts of cheese at the costco business center!

Amazing amounts of cheese at the costco business center!
Probably the most amazing part of our tour!

I just have to say...AMAZING. Not only can you buy random restaurant equipment, hello chef's jacket! You can get giant bulk meats, but also a single pack of hostess know the kind with just 2! It's like the two polar ends of Costco. On one hand you can buy a paper copier sized box of chicken wings for $30 (99 cents a lb), or the other hand, you can buy a regular sized box of pop tarts.

We also noted that there was stuff at this costco that you never find at the regular costco, I bought these awesome mini burger and hotdog candies for my candy jar at work for only $4.39 for that would be $11.99! It's like the kind of costco you go to to stock up your restaurant, or your convenience store!

I can't wait to go I purchased (and this was the other anomaly, I spent less than $100) The two packs of hot dogs and hamburger gummis, Mini cocktail parasols (144 for only $2.59!) a pair of tongs that I've been meaning to replace since our wedding last year when they got misplaced at the bbq, and the piece de resistance, 2 silicone baking liners for 19.99...I had been eyeing one for $24.99 at Target just last year.

D gave us the most efficient tour, since he's been multiple times, but I will have to go back. There are so many aisles to explore!

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Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

i totally have costco on the brain now. also, cheese. vast amounts of cheese.

mo.honey said...

the dude in the photo looks like a cat person! meow!!! :)

RollerScrapper said...

lol costco on the brain can be dangerous!

also lol i thought you meant "cat person" as in an anthropomorphic cat, not as in a person who likes cats.


AT said...

That is very cool. Costco is so dangerous. It's even worse since I have a membership to both BJ's Warehouse and Costco so I'm at some sort of warehouse at least once a week.

Do they have one of those "special Costcos" in every state?

RollerScrapper said...

Sadly there are only 6 CBC's and three of them are in California! I looked it up b/c I got peanut free gummi candies, but sadly none in your neck of the woods :(