Monday, December 28, 2009

Crocheting like Crazy!


I've been crocheting like crazy, I made an orange, a bee, a lemon and a lime yesterday. My fingers are a bit sore, but it was totally worth it! I also discovered a cool new blog, called WooWork, which has a bunch of awesome original amigurumi on it! I was just curious to see if others had created crochet oranges and found this page via google images: It's like they're orange cousins :)

I can't wait to give my new creations away!

I also need to give some props to Ana Paula Rimoli, whose blog and book really inspired me to start making my own creations, in fact the bee, looks very much like her bee, but not because I copied it, I think her style is just adorable and very easy to emulate. I started out wanting to make a bee, made one and then googled to see if she had a bee :)
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motled said...

LOVE the crocheted bee. It's my favorite!!! :)

Alison said...

You are just so crafty!

Anonymous said...
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